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The Fastest Streaming on Earth. Realtime WebRTC CDN built for large-scale video broadcasting on any device with sub-500ms latency.

AV1 Real-time Encoding in Google Chrome Canary with Millicast

I. Tech Emmy Awards go to … #Webrtc solutions?!?

Among the 2020 Emmy Engineering awards, it was interesting to see two companies providing Real-Time services, Evercast and Sohonet, the latter for their ClearView Flex product and service.

Host Kirsten Vangsness presents an award to Alex Cyrell, Roger Barton, and Brad Thomas from Evercast at the 72nd Engineering Emmy Awards ceremony.

  1. What architecture do you need to scale WebRTC?
  2. And what devices do you want to support with your app?

The industry needs a solution offering broadcast-quality features while enabling consumer-grade workflows.


CNBC produced a video which explains the journey the industry has had…

“16 years after H.264, it’s time for something new. Today, we demo’d an industry first: live, real-time AV1 encoding and transmission in a Webex meeting, with HD video & screen share!” — Anurag Dhingra, Cisco Webex CTO

The New Normal: AV1 Encoding for VOD


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