H265 / HEVC hardware acceleration in #WebRTC


Here is a satellite view of the native WebRTC stack.

webrtc::CreatePeerConnectionFactory( networkThread, networkThread, signalingThread, audioModule, webrtc::CreateBuiltinAudioEncoderFactory(), webrtc::CreateBuiltinAudioDecoderFactory(), createEncoderFactory(), createDecoderFactory(), Nullptr, Nullptr );
public VideoEncoder createEncoder(VideoCodecInfo input)
EncoderInfo info; // Disable texture support, take I420 or I444 as input info.supports_native_handle = false; info.is_hardware_accelerated = true; info.has_internal_source = false; // external capturer to feed us with frame info.implementation_name = "IntelMediaSDK";// Disable frame-dropper for MSDK. info.has_trusted_rate_controller = true;// Disable SVC / Simulcast for MSDK. info.scaling_settings = VideoEncoder::ScalingSettings::kOff; return info;

Section 1: Adding a codec implementation for H264, VP8 or VP9

Here we do not need to extend internal support for new VideoCodecType, nor for a new RTP payload type. This is the simpler case, and also the case most people are apparently interested in.


Section 2: Add support for new codecs, like H265 and AV1


kVideoCodecVP8, kVideoCodecVP9, kVideoCodecH264, #ifndef DISABLE_H265 kVideoCodecH265, #endif kVideoCodecMultiplex,};
#ifndef DISABLE_H265 struct VideoCodecH265 { bool operator==(const VideoCodecH265& other) const; bool operator!=(const VideoCodecH265& other) const { return !(*this == other); } bool frameDroppingOn; int keyFrameInterval; const uint8_t* vpsData; size_t vpsLen; const uint8_t* spsData; size_t spsLen; const uint8_t* ppsData; size_t ppsLen; }; #endif
union VideoCodecUnion { VideoCodecVP8 VP8; VideoCodecVP9 VP9;  VideoCodecH264 H264;  #ifndef DISABLE_H265 VideoCodecH265 H265; #endif };
class RTC_EXPORT VideoCodec { [...] const VideoCodecVP9& VP9() const;  VideoCodecH264* H264(); const VideoCodecH264& H264() const;  #ifndef DISABLE_H265 VideoCodecH265* H265(); const VideoCodecH265& H265() const; #endif [...]



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