Holoportation takes interactivity to a whole new dimension

PORTL is the first “holoportation” or holographic telepresence device in human history, enabling people to beam themselves to any location around the globe and interact with audiences bi-directionally in real-time as if they were there in person.

PORTL uses the Millicast interactive streaming platform to enable 2-way communication with near-zero latency and broadcast-quality audio and 4K resolution video.

PORTL’s devices have already appeared at Comic-Con, the iHeartMusic Festival, and the 2020 Emmys Red Carpet:

2020 Emmys Red Carpet

Holoportation is a new type of capture technology that allows high-quality video of people to be transmitted anywhere in the world in real time. This allows users to see, hear and interact with remote participants, almost as if they were present in the same physical space.

PORTL also “beamed” Jimmy Kimmel from Hollywood to the Country Music Awards (CMA) in Nashville three times:

And collaborated on projects with Universal Music Group, Universal Studios, Sony Pictures, Dior and the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library.

The posthumous hologram performance by Tupac Shakur at Coachella created enormous interest in the technology back in 2014.

From Science Fiction to a Whole New Reality

Beaming a rock star into your living room might sound like something out of “Star Trek” but, thanks to this cutting-edge new product, celebrity holograms could one day replace concerts as the way we experience “live” music.

At the 2020 iHeart Music Festival a PORTL hologram of Kane Brown was used for a live performance featuring Swae Lee & Khalid:

2020 iHeart Music Festival

“An artist can beam from wherever they are to wherever they need to be in real time. So one person, one artist, any rock star can perform in their home studio and beam that performance live into hundreds of locations at the exact same time with the ability to hear, see and interact with their global audience.”

— Dave Nussbaum, PORTL Founder & CEO

Are celebrity holograms the future of live music?

“Having the ability to download content and watch that kind of realism, one-on-one communication, it’s hugely exciting to me. No matter how great a flat-screen display is, it doesn’t look like that. And it sounds like I’m sitting there playing guitar.”

— Billy Morrison, guitarist for Billy Idol

For more, read the full article available below at nypost.com:

The future of how we shop

From an audio-visual perspective, communicating and interacting with remote users edges closer to face-to-face communication. This interaction is key to the shopping experiences of the future.

Enabling a new Gig Economy

The Gig Economy is becoming a significant part of the global economy. Creators are looking to own, engage, and monetize audiences and create a deeper fan connection through personalized interactive experiences.

IWC has been a leader in luxury watchmaking since 1868. During a recent event in China, CEO Christoph Grainger-Herr and the brand’s legendary watchmaker Kurt Klaus beamed into the Shanghai event from Switzerland as 4K holograms:

The presentation saw Grainger-Herr and Klaus introduce IWC’s 2021 collection and answer questions from buyers in real-time.

It also marks the first time the PORTL technology has been used to ‘holoport’ from Europe to Asia:

The Zeitgeist

Every decade or so a new technology enters the scene that forever changes the way politicians advertise to prospective voters:

  • In the 1940s: FDR was famous for his radio fireside radio chats.
  • In the 1950s: Eisenhower was the first to use 30-second ad spots on TV.
  • In the 2000s: Barack Obama used social media to connect with voters.

To help politicians and other public figures reach new audiences, immersive technology companies are opening their doors. For example, Avatar Dimension, a volumetric video studio in Washington D.C., focuses its technology on government, politics, and the enterprise.

Volumetric video, in essence, generates holograms by recording video in 3D, 360 degrees. This type of video can be inserted into video games and viewed through augmented reality glasses and AR enabled tablets and phones.

Holograms and live streaming can make audiences feel emotionally connected to another person, not just watching a face on a screen. Whichever way people vote, there’s no doubt that immersive technology and the metaverse will be part of the campaigns.

Connecting to the future, and the past

PORTL can be equipped with artificial intelligence technology to enable interaction with recorded holograms so museums can let visitors question a hologram of a historical figure, or families can record information for future generations.

The Zoom fatigue of a remote-first professional and personal lifestyle is also wearing thin. The world is craving human connection that can only be satisfied through real interaction. Or the closest thing we can simulate.

From live events to live music, to shopping and education, streaming technology is ushering in this new era of interactivity.

And the time to build the dreams of tomorrow is right now.

Holograms are here. And with much better quality.
Who doesn’t want their own Holodeck?

Find out more about PORTL at portlhologram.com, and Millicast at millicast.com.

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